Akash Verma KBC Finance Manager

Akash Verma KBC Finance Manager is a loving and caring person in KBC team. One of the most valuable and most famous personalities among the KBC official team members is Mr. Akash Verma KBC Finance Manager. He is a man of honor. Rana Pratap Singh and Mr. Akash Verma have been serving as managers of Kaun Banega Crorepati since 2010.

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Intro to Mr. Akash Verma KBC Manager

He is a seasoned and well-known member of our official team, which we are happy to announce. He has been the KBC financial manager at the corporate headquarters since 2010. His assistance is diligent and reliable for us. Today, KBC Akash Verma is significantly contributing to the development of Kaun Banega Crorepati.

He is one of India’s most well-liked and young bank bosses. At such a young age, he has accomplished a lot, and his life story is incredibly motivating. On December 13, 1991, he was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. After completing his education at DAV Public School in Kanpur, he attended the PEC University of Technology in Chandigarh to earn his engineering degree.
Akash has always had a strong interest in banking and finance and was determined to work in the banking industry. Akash began after earning his engineering degree. He rose quickly through the ranks to become manager of KBC, one of India’s top banks.


Akash Verma KBC WhatsApp Number

Dear Lover of KBC! As you know, your privacy and security are our priorities. To make you safe, we have launched the WhatsApp service. KBC WhatsApp Service is available 24/7. In this regard, we have shifted our managers as well as the whole team on WhatsApp so that we can provide your fast and end-to-end encrypted service.
We are glad to announce that the real and official Akash Verma KBC WhatsApp Number is +919073085413. This is his real, authentic, and verified WhatsApp number. Now every KBC customer can contact MR. Akash Verma, Manager of KBC. via this WhatsApp number.
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KBC Lottery Managers | KBC Official Team

  • Sri MD Vijay Kumar has more than ten years of expertise in combat. He currently serves as the show’s CEO and managing director.
  • MR. Rana Pratap Singh is now Kaun Banega Crorepati’s service manager. Additionally, he co-founded KBC Show and the business that supports it. He was born in Punjab and then moved to Mumbai. He currently dwells in Mumbai as an honourable Indian citizen.
  • At KBC, Akash Verma serves as chairman and executive office. In 2007, he joined KBC. Additionally, until 2019, he was a director of KBC. He is currently employed with KBC Head Office as the financial manager.

KBC Lottery Managers WhatsApp Numbers | KBC Official Numbers

  • Sri MD Vijay Kumar +917417990482
  • MR. Rana Pratap Singh  +91-862-593-6416
  • Akash Verma +91-907-308-5413

Role of Akash Verma in KBC as KBC Finance Manager

Mr. Akash Verma has been serving in KBC since 2010. He served KBC as Director till 2019, and then he worked as KBC Lottery Manager. He has been serving as KBC finance manager since 2020. If you are facing issues related to KBC Lottery or KBC Lottery collection, just contact KBC Akash Verma. Here is the official phone number of Akash Verma. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with him through WhatsApp or direct calling.
Be aware of fake KBC Managers because some so called people are making innocent people fool. In order to keep our customers’ data safe, we have launched the KBC helpline online. Furthermore, we are providing the official contact numbers of Mr. Akash Verma as well as Mr. Rana Pratap Singh.


Akash Verma KBC Lottery 2023 at a glance | Top Lottery Of KBC

KBC has launched the Akash Verma KBC Lottery 2023 program on a trial basis. But its results were very amazing. A considerable number of people took part in the KBC Lottery 2023 competition. This program got a lot of love from KBC fans. This competition was held on the 15th of every month, and we announced 500 winners. Every winner in this competition wins up to 35 lac from KBC Akash Verma Lottery 2022 and 2023.

KBC Lottery 2023 | Collect your Lottery now

Are you winner of KBC Game Show. Do you want to collect KBC Lottery just call KBC Akash Verma immediately and get your lottery amount with in no time. Since your privacy and security is our priority so only call on official WhatsApp Numbers.

KBC Lottery 2023 Online Check | KBC Lottery Department

Hey! Updated KBC Lottery 2023 list is now accessible. For official confirmation of the KBC Lottery 2023, get in touch with Mr. Verma to check your lottery. He will provide a complete list of KBC Lottery winners list in 2023. To maintain the privacy of our customers, now he will confirm the lottery of every winner before the further procedure.
To give an honor to Mr. Akash Verma for KBC and its customers, KBC has launched a new KBC Lottery program named ” Akash Verma KBC Lottery 2023″. In this lottery competition, every Indian can take part and can win a magnificent prize from the KBC Lottery 2023 program.

Rules to take part in KBC Lottery 2023 Competition

         KBC official has mentioned some basic rules and regulation for the successful KBC Lottery program. These are rules are very simple and necessary for anyone who wants to take part in such an obvious Lottery program in 2023. We are going to explain these rules here unquestionably.

Registration process for KBC Lottery Competition

     To take part in KBC Akash Verma Lottery 2023, you will have to follow the given criteria. If you want to participate in Akash Verma KBC Lottery just call Mr. Verma KBC Manager for registration. He will provide you with a lottery number if your registration is successful. Check the official KBC Akash Verma Lottery Competition schedule on the KBC Official Website. After every competition, find your name in the updated and official list of KBC Lottery. Now call Mr. Akash and request him to collect your KBC prize.

KBC Helpline Number Call Now! +91 90730 85413

      Do you have any confusion about KBC Lottery Program? We are here to clear every matter and to serve you. If you are facing any issue about Kaun Banega Crorepati Akash Verma Lottery or simply KBC Lottery 2023, just call us, and we will guide you accordingly. Our official and experienced team is 24/7 available. In case your problem is not solved, don’t panic and Call KBC Manager Akash Verma or Submit KBC Complaint at KBC Complaint Office with no hesitation.

KBC is a leading global lottery group with over 1.8 million customers worldwide and has been recognized as India’s most trusted lottery for the past decade. In order for its consumers to live their lives in 2023, the KBC firm seeks to provide them with cutting-edge services. The KBC Lottery gives them access to KBC lottery numbers that meet their needs, enables them to better manage risks by purchasing insurance products, and gives them access to more investment alternatives.


Always Be Careful from Fake KBC Lottery Calls

  1. We continue to transfer Jio KBC champ records on time where you can really look at your name
  2. Assuming that you are in a tough situation, you might call the administrative center number for exact data about the lottery number.
  3. At the point when you bring in KBC, we come focused. We don’t pay attention to pointless calls.
  4. You need to complete your discussion at the earliest opportunity
  5. On the off chance that you store cash in some unacceptable spot, it won’t be dependable
  6. On the off chance that you feel an extortion call, you ought to report it to the administrative center at the earliest opportunity.
  7. KBC won’t be dependable in the event that you store cash in the records of obscure individuals

For Assistance Contact KBC Managers

To achieve KBC’s vision of 2023, the KBC company employs talented people like KBC Manager Akash Verma, who are passionate about what they do! Akash Verma joined KBC in 2007 as a manager and has worked his way up the ranks. Mr. Verma currently managing the KBC branch, which is in Mumbai.
Besides his work at the KBC, he is also involved with various charitable organizations that focus on providing KBC lottery prizes in 2023 to underprivileged people. This is something that is close to many hearts, and he is proud to contribute in some small way towards making a difference in people’s lives.

Still have any question?

We treat our customers as our partners. This enables them to communicate their ideas clearly and build their business with the finest possible assistance. If you have any question Call Mr. Verma KBC Manager

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