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         Welcome to KBC Complaint Department Section. If you are a victim of any type of KBC Lottery fraud or KBC Lottery fraud calls then you should submit a complaint at KBC Complaint Office about KBC Lottery Scams or KBC Lottery fraud without wasting any time.

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KBC Lottery fraud-KBC Lottery Scams

The most dangerous Scam in India

           As Kaun Banega Crorepati Game Show ( KBC Lottery Game Show ) has become very famous not only in India but also in some bordering countries. Due to this high popularity of KBC Show some so-called people making innocent people fool. They are scamming by using the name of the KBC lottery. They only try to snatch from innocent people just making them fool. 

                  More than 500 complaints daily we receive from different areas of the country about KBC Lottery Fraud calls. Most of them claim that they received calls from Pakistani Numbers. This type of scam has been spread across the country. Daily many people become victims of KBC Lottery fraud and waste their time and money. Most of them are those who are not familiar with the rules and regularities of the KBC Lottery.

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Warning:Be Careful of KBC Scam

"Have you received a WhatsApp message claiming that you’ve won `25 lakh in Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC)? Don’t jump to a conclusion that you have hit the jackpot, this might just be a scam."
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Dehli Police

Huge Scam-The KBC Lottery Scams

kbc lottery fraud calls

KBC Whatsapp fraud calls

           Now-a-days most people are getting fake WhatsApp Lottery calls about KBC Lottery. These so called people announce that you have won the KBC Lottery and the prize of huge amount from KBC Game Show. They send some files and cheques and sometimes lottery files containing the name of the victim.

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KBC Scam from Pakistani Numbers

         KBC Scam is everywhere. Most of the KBC Lottery Fraud calls are received from Pakistani Numbers. Some so-called Pakistani people doing this act. They are also asking everyone for KBC Lottery of 25,00,000/- or 7 Crore. These fraud calls are from Pakistani Numbers i.e. +923xxxxxxxx or 0092xxxxxxxxx. These are Pakistani Numbers with country code +92. So be aware of these Pakistani Scammers. In case if you receive any call/ WhatsApp call from Pakistani Number immediately report to KBC Complaint Department without wasting any time. Please save yourself and family from such kind of scammers.    

How to submit KBC Lottery Fraud Complaint?

      Are you victim of KBC Lottery Fraud or you have received KBC Fake Lottery Calls then don’t waste time and follow these instructions to register your complaint against KBC Scammers.

  1. First of all note down the complete information about KBC fraud call i.e. Scammer’s WhatsApp or Phone Number, Photo (If available), Lottery file, Lottery Number.
  2. Try to get Bank Account Number from them.
  3. Now! visit KBC Complaint Department Section on KBC Official Website.
  4. Direct Call to KBC Complaint Office by using given number on KBC Complaint Department Section.
  5. Or fill the KBC Complaint form available there and submit it.
  6. Please provide all information to KBC so that effective and fast action can be taken against KBC Scammers.
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How to protect yourself from KBC Fraud?

Never Believe on Fake Call

If you receive any call from any unknown number specially from Pakistani Numbers do not attend the call. Never believe on their words and refuse their proposal.

Don't Share Your Personal Information

KBC Scamers will ask you for your personal details like ID Card, Adhhar Card or any document of your identification. Kindly never give any kind of such infromation or document to anyone on call..

Never Share Your Account Details

In case if they ask you for your Bank account, Paytm, Google pay or any other valet account number then refuse to give them. Immediately report to police or KBC Complaint Department.

Check Your KBC From Official Website

For the confirmation of KBC Lottery or KBC Lottery Number please visit KBC Official Website. Do not check your lottery from non official websites of KBC. To check click here

Submit Complaint

If you are victim of KBC fraud or you receiving KBC fraud calls just submit your complaint at KBC Complaint Department without wasting any time.

Always Follow KBC Official Website

For your safety and security of yourself and your family always follow the guidlines given by KBC available on KBC Official website.

KBC Complaint Office Helpline

For your safety and security KBC has launched fully functioned helpline for KBC Complaint registration. In case of any fraud or other KBC Lottery related issue contact us on following Numbers

Click here to Call KBC Live Complaint Section

Call KBC Complaint Number to Submit KBC Complaint Online

                 In case you are not satisfied with the submission of the complaint through the form call the KBC complaint number. KBC representative will register your complaint. They will ask for necessary information like Name, phone number, address, and scammers’ contact number. After this, your complaint will be forwarded to the authorized officer for further action.

                Now you can submit your complaint at +917417990482 or a free helpline number +91-7232-994-082. Our toll-free service is 24/7 available. KBC Officer at KBC help desk will confirm your details and then proceed further. In order to make our customers safer, we have launched a complete process of authentication for every customer. 

KBC Complaint Submission Procedure

         Are you willing to register KBC fraud complaint? Then you are advised to go through the whole procedure of KBC complaint submission. It is necessary for a faster solution to your complaint. Before going forward read the following instructions.

KBC Complaint Form Submission

  • First of all, collect all data about your KBC Lottery ticket.
  • Second, visit KBC Complaint Department’s official portal at 
  • Third, fill up the KBC Complaint form with required and accurate pieces of information and submit it.
  • Wait for a response from the KBC team.
  • Our team will get in trouch with you as soon as possible.

By Calling KBC Complaint Number

  • Get KBC Complaint Number from the official portal of the KBC Complaint Department.
  • Dail +917417990482 or +91-7232-994-082 for live helpline.
  • Ask the officer to register your complaint on your behalf.
  • KBC Officer will get some necessary information to process your application.
  • Kindly provide as much as you can and accurate information.
  • In spite of long answers give only to-the-point answers.
  • Then ask for submission of your application.
  • Before leaving call get your application tracking number.
  • Finally, save the application tracking number to follow your KBC complaint in the future.   

Benefits of Calling KBC Complaint Department Urgently

        As everyone knows that KBC scams have increased with the passage of time. Now there is a lot of scam on the internet on the behalf of Kaun Banega Crorepati. In such a critical situation, everyone should take care of his/her property of life. So for the security and well being of our customers, we have launched a KBC Complaint department. Kindly call KBC Complaint Department immediately in case you face any KBC fraud. There are many benefits of calling the KBC Complaint office without wasting any time.

3 Types of KBC Scam in India

              Nowadays, Kaun Banega Crorepati has become India’s most popular show. due to this popularity scammers are active and scamming people. These so-called people use many techniques of scam but most reported types of KBC scam are:

Call Scam- KBC Scam by Phone calls

    KBC Scammers are calling innocent people from Indian as well as international numbers. Such people inform you about your lottery and ask to collect and deposit some amount as tax or charges.

WhatsApp Scam-KBC Scam using WhatsApp

 The most dangerous and highly used scamming method by scammers is the WhatsApp scam. A WhatsApp message containing text as well is sent on the victims’ WhatsApp. audio. Sometime they also send some kind of Photo or paper as a proof of your lottery amount.

SMS Scam- KBC Scam through SMS

         The third type is a scam by sending text messages to victims’ phone numbers. When the victim receives an SMS, he/she calls them back to collect the lottery. In this way, they trap innocent people on the behalf of KBC.

KBC Complaint Office - Submit KBC Complaint Now!

kbc complaint office number

                 Kaun Banega Crorepati has official launched KBC Complaint office number for their respected customers. In case you face any scam, first of all make a call to KBC Complaint office Number to submit your KBC Complaint. It is essential for the security of you and your family. The dignity and security of our customers is our priority. KBC always pay special attention to the safety of their customers. 


KBC Complaint Against KBC Fake Lottery Winner List

                     Due to an increase in the number of players and customers, there is a huge scam on the internet, under the name of KBC. There are many fake websites too. These fake and unauthorized websites use the content of KBC’s Official Website for illegal use. Such types of websites is being banned from Google as well as the Indian Government on the behalf of Kuan Banega Crorepati.

How to identify fake KBC Lottery Winners list?

    Due to very high number of fake and spamming websites as well as online portals, it is very difficult to find the real ones. Also finding the real and official lottery winner list of KBC is very difficult. But no need to be worried at all because we are here. Follow these steps to check whether the list is real or fake.

4 Steps to find official Winner list of KBC?

      These are very simple and straightforward steps to check the official winner list:

  1. Always visit KBC Official website to check and confirm the KBC Lottery winner list.
  2. Only get the latest and updated winners list.
  3. Before moving forward check from KBC Lottery Check System.
  4. Or call KBC Head Office to get support.
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