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KBC Lottery Winner 2022

KBC Lottery Winner 2022 – Official KBC Winner List (Updated)

Congratulations! KBC Lottery Winner 2022 updated list has been announced officially. According to the KBC Lucky Draw schedule, the latest KBC sim lucky draw was held in the month of May. After the successful conduct of the KBC Sim Lucky Draw, we have officially announced the complete winner list for the month of May. Now everyone can check his/ her name in the KBC Lottery Winner list 2022.

                   Now it is effortless to check and confirm your KBC lottery online. For our customer’s convenience, Kaun Banga Crorepati has launched an authentic and systematic way for its lovers to verify their lottery ticket numbers. For the safety of its lovers, KBC has been upgrading its system security to avoid fraudulent phone calls to its fans. Finally rid of it, KBC customers can check and verify their lottery from the KBC Online Lottery Check portal. Now they can confirm whether they are lucky draw winners or receiving a fraudulent phone call. In case you receive any fake call awarding you the KBC prize. Don’t waste your time and call at KBC Head Office Number or submit KBC Complaint immediately.

KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List Official (Updated) – KBC 25 Lakh Lottery Winner List 2022-

Here is the complete list of KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List. It is updated and authentic winner list from KBC Official team. Check your name in given list and contact KBC Head Office to collect your lottery. If your name is not in list, don’t worry and just Call KBC Lottery Manager and you can confirm your lottery status from him.

KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List

Here is a complete and authentic list of KBC Lottery winners 2020/ KBC Lucky winners 2022
Winner NameLottery AmountLottery NumberWinning Phone Number
Mr.Dhyan Chand25,00,00089918807******007
Mr.Sreejesh Prattu25,00,00098800901******000
Ms.Mansi Joshi25,00,00088110787******439
Ms.Nuzhat Parween25,00,00000778887******115
Ms.Pooja Vastrkar25,00,0000077678******049
Manpreet Singh25,00,0001122770******097
Ramjeet Simgh25,00,0008991892******564
Joyi Kumari25,00,0007882120******340
Karan Rathore25,00,0009878710******091
Mr. Ramender Kumar25,00,00056726530******081
Mr. Monu Bhuriya25,00,0000009230******077
Kamran Shahid25,00,0001275789******0453
Sumita Tandan25,00,0004044330******097
Riya Kanwal25,00,0008097210******031
Ajmal Ansari25,00,0001122650******780
Suresh Yadav25,00,0007311980******097
Akash Verma25,00,0009981420******420
Neetu Kumari25,00,0003394530******891

KBC Helpline Number +917417990482

KBC Lottery Winners Top 10- KBC 10 Lakhpati Winners-May 2022

kbc lottery winner list 2022
KBC Top 10 Lottery Winners | KBC 10 Lakhpati

KBC WhatsApp Lottery Winners 2022

               Are you looking for KBC WhatsApp lottery Winners list? or the KBC WhatsApp lottery winner list 2022 list. Numerous Customer care helplines or KBC Whatsapp numbers are given by the KBC WhatsApp lottery to guide the customers in the right direction. Now KBC Whatsapp Winners can get an enrollment or get details from these official helpline numbers within the duty time. In order to maintain your privacy, KBC has launched these numbers. So by dialing these KBC WhatsApp helplines or customer care numbers, you are can get minute details related to the KBC Winners list or KBC Whatsapp lottery Winners list.

    Hurrah! Now WhatsApp users can take part in the KBC WhatsApp lottery competition. Here they can learn the rules of KBC WhatsApp lucky draw 2022 via KBC Helpline Whatsapp numbers. They also can obtain precise information about KBC WhatsApp Lottery. 

           As KBC has enlarged its area of KBC Lottery program. Therefore, Anyone can become a member of the KBC WhatsApp lottery 2022. For more info, you are advised to dial the KBC Head Office Whatsapp numbers and acquire wanted information about the KBC lottery 2022 or the KBC lottery winner 2022 list Whatsapp. KBC Official Whatsapp number will help the customers on how to get KBC Whatsapp lottery cash. 

6 Common Questions about KBC Lottery Competition

                If these questions are hitting your mind. Please visit KBC Official Website or get in touch with KBC officers.

  1. First is, With whom to contact?
  2.  Second, how to verify or how check the KBC lottery?
  3. Third, What kind of guidelines should you follow? 
  4. Which is the Official KBC Whatsapp number lucky draw 2022?
  5. What are the official KBC lottery numbers? 
  6. How and when KBC WhatsApp Lottery competition is held?

         To find the answer of the above questions visit the official website of KBC or call on our helpline’s WhatsApp numbers during duty time. 

Hey! KBC Lottery Winners, Call at KBC Head Office Number +91-7417-990-482

             Are you the winner of the KBC Lottery? If yes, then why are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time anymore, just call KBC WhatsApp Numbers. Because this KBC Whatsapp number is authentic and registered on the behalf of Kaun Banega Crorepati’s official team. For your convenience, we have updated all the data about KBC WhatsApp lottery 2022 and KBC Whatsapp lottery 25 lakh 2022.

            Dear KBC lover, if you didn’t enlist your KBC lottery number please get in touch KBC WhatsApp lottery officer immediately. Further, all the KBC WhatsApp lottery winners now can also check the KBC WhatsApp lottery here just by simply entering their registered phone number and KBC lottery ticket number. 

kbc head office number
KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number

KBC Lottery Winner 2022 list (updated) WhatsApp Lottery 25 Lakh For May 2022

  • Mr. Rao Chan Winning Whatsapp lottery 25 lakh 2022 lottery number 9070 winning mobile number 722******843.
  • Mr. Karishna Yadav Winnings Whatsapp lottery 25 lakh 2022 lottery number 8981 winner mobile number 653******370.
  • Ms. Alina Thakur Winning Whatsapp lottery 25 lakh 2022 KBC lottery number 5050 Winner mobile number 996******666.
  • Ms. Anjali Kiran Rao Winning Whatsapp lottery 25 lakh 2022 KBC Lottery number 1092 Winner Mobile Number 983******272.
  • Mr. Zeeshan Qamar Winning Whatsapp lottery 25 lakh 2022 Winner Mobile Number 5040 Winner Mobile Number 127******073.
  • Ms. Santoshi Singh Winning Whatsapp lottery 25 lakh 2022 KBC Lottery Number 8343 Winner Mobile Number 999******006.
  • Mr. Kahlid Mehmood Winning Whatsapp lottery 25 lakh 2022 KBC lottery number 8004 Winner Mobile Number 378******846.

                  Congratulations to all KBC Winners. Finally, we have updated the official WhatsApp lottery winner list here. Similarly, if you are trying to find the KBC lottery winner list 2022 visit the official website of KBC. If you need any assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will feel pleasure helping you.

Get in touch with us |+91-7417-990-482

Participation in KBC Sim Lucky Draw 2022

                 Deal Lovers of Kaun Banega Crorepati Now, it is very easy to partake in the All India KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw without registering yourself with KBC. Great News! Now KBC Lottery Program is linked to all India Sim Cards, and your phone number can also be included in KBC Lucky Draw Contest easily, just by following some simple steps. Here we will discuss these easy and simple steps. If you are willing to take part in the KBC Sim Card contest and want to see your name in KBC Winner List 2022 or KBC Lottery Winner 2022. It is not problematic at all, and you don’t need to go anywhere or do any action. For this purpose, the KBC Official website (kbcofficialsite.com) is the right and authentic place for every KBC lover to turn his dreams into reality.

KBC Sim Card Luck Draw Competition

 KBC Jio Lottery Winners list 2022 – KBC Jio Lottery Contest online

                  Hurray! KBC Players have an amazing opportunity to Play along KBC and win a big lottery amount, that can be as heightened as seven crores. Some players can also win small prizes of 25 lac as well as 35 lac from KBC. According to KBC, the top KBC successful winners list of 2022 includes Mr. Muneer Shahid, Ms. Farhat Naz, and Mr. Rajiv Yadav. 

         Kindly note that it is the current up-to-date and official KBC Lucky winners list 2022. If you are facing any problems or have questions related to the KBC lottery winners list or the KBC All India Sim Card Lucky Draw, get in touch with KBC Helpline or KBC head office number at 0917417990482.

                In order to maintain the privacy of our customers, KBC has started a WhatsApp lottery winner list. KBC Winners will now be presented with the details of the KBC Lottery Winners 2022 with simple and trendy WhatsApp options. It’s no longer vital to sign up to take part or register in 2022. This is because KBC Lottery is now connected to all WhatsApp numbers. KBC WhatsApp lottery lucky draws are the easiest and most authentic way to play and win along KBC..

KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2022 | KBC Lottery results 2022

Now it is very easy to perform the KBC Lottery Check. If you are willing to check the KBC Lottery number, check Lottery online 2022, KBC Lottery number check 2022. Lottery number check, Jio KBC Lottery number 2022, KBC Lottery check online 2022. KBC has launched an online portal to check the lottery. Every Indian can take the edge of the online KBC lottery check portal to check the KBC lottery number online 2022 in a few seconds. You can check it, just by entering your KBC lottery ticket number and lottery winning phone number. In case you don’t have a KBC lottery ticket number, don’t worry. You can call our KBC Head Office Numbers to get your lottery number from our officials. Our KBC Officials are 24/7 available to serve you.

KBC Official Lottery Numbers

           Contact KBC helpline Number +917417990482 to get your lottery ticket number. After receiving your official lottery number, now you can check your KBC Lottery Online. If you are still facing any issues, you should Call KBC Lottery Manager to solve your problem.

Call Now! +917417990482

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