KBC Official Website by Kaun Banega Crorepati

                        The KBC official website team appreciates your interest in India’s most popular and loved TV show, Kaun Banega Crorepati. Indians love it more and more because it’s full of entertainment and a great source of general knowledge. So take advantage of an opportunity to play together with KBC. Kaun Banega Crorepati’s official KBC website is a source of entertainment and knowledge. It’s also an excellent resource for spreading happiness to desperate
                       The official KBC website offers a step-by-step guide from registering to winning the KBC lottery. In addition, we update our website with our latest features to make every step easy.


KBC Official Website Lottery Check: A Way to Play Safely KBC Lottery Check Instructions

                             Please follow these instructions to play safely and win at KBC. Any KBC lottery player or winner should only check their lottery on the official website. Websites or blogs operating under the KBC Official or KBC name are fake. So please follow these simple and easy steps to save yourself from KBC fraud.

  • To keep yourself updated, keep visiting the information available on the official KBC website, www.kbcofficialsite.com.
  • Never call or contact unauthorized KBC WhatsApp numbers provided by websites other than this official website of KBC.
  • Always protect your data and never share your personal information, like your ID card, Aadhar card, passport, etc., at any cost.
  • Refuse any demand for financial details without confirming the reality and security of the KBC’s official website.
  • Check your name in the official KBC lottery winners list published by Kaun Banega Crorepati on the KBC website.
  • Contact the KBC lottery affairs officer for legal action if you receive a phone or WhatsApp call.
  • Please place your complaint at KBC Complaint Department Online for quick action.
  • Still confused? Get in touch with us through direct Calling or WhatsApp on this official KBC WhatsApp Number 00917417990482.

Check KBC Lottery Here

Check KBC Lottery Online: A Completely Safe and Trustworthy Method to check KBC Lottery Online

                     You are looking for an easy and secure way to check the KBC lottery online. If correct, you are in the right place because the KBC official website has launched an official portal to check the KBC lottery online. Here you can check and verify your KBC lottery without fear of scams.

                     Now, how can you check the KBC lottery here via the online KBC lottery check portal? But don’t worry, because that is why we are here. We are here to assist and guide you at every step, 24/7. Therefore, one should follow these instructions to check the KBC lottery online.

Online KBC Lottery Number Check 2023 – KBC Lottery Ticket Number

In spite of the fact that your name is not on the list of lottery winners, do you receive WhatsApp messages from KBC? If y ou want to ensure your jackpot is authentic. Don’t worry at all because the KBC website’s online lottery check portal now allows you to verify your lottery number. To check your lottery ticket number, just enter your lottery winning mobile number and your KBC lottery ticket number and click on “Check Now” to confirm your KBC lottery online. It is connected to the database of KBC lottery winners. Click KBC lottery number check online 2023 to read more.

        Unique Tips to Check KBC Lottery At KBC Official Website

  1. Dear customer, if you want to check the KBC lottery online, remember that a unique lottery number and a lottery-winning phone number are essential.
  2. If you have a KBC lottery number and a correct lottery-winning phone number, there is nothing to worry about.
  3. If you do not have a lottery number, you can obtain one from the KBC Lottery Department.
  4. To check the KBC lottery online, first, enter the correct four-digit unique lottery number and lottery-winning phone number in the given place.
  5. After entering your lottery number and phone number, press the “Check Now” button to check your lottery.
  6. Our system will check your data in the database.
  7. In the event that you are the winner, our online portal will send you a successful message.
  8. After confirmation of your KBC lottery status, you will be given a straightforward and simple procedure to obtain your KBC lottery.
  9. If you have any problems, contact us at KBC Head Office Numbers or KBC Helpline Numbers at any time of the day or night. We are ready to help you. If you have inquiries about KBC, never be afraid to contact our official KBC team.

For more details or live help, call the KBC official WhatsApp number, 00917417990482.


Kaun Baneg Crorepati – A Show of Millionaires

                  Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is India’s most popular and watched game show. It has deep roots in all communities in India. KBC provides a platform for everyone to play, win, and change their lives. The KBC Game Show’s mission is to eradicate poverty in the country through entertainment alone. In addition, we are struggling to make our country financially strong. As a result, we are gaining much support from the people of India and other countries.

KBC Official Website Contact Number: Official Numbers for Live Customer Support

                             Need help? We have launched an online support service for our customers. If you have any problems, please get in touch with us immediately at the KBC head office numbers. Our support team will guide you accordingly as well as solve your problem. The KBC lottery will be the only problem addressed by the KBC officers via WhatsApp or direct calling on KBC official website contact numbers. The KBC’s official head office numbers are currently available for these cities. Specifically, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi.


Authorized KBC Head Office Numbers for Live WhatsApp Support

Sr. #KBC Head OfficeKBC Official Contact Number
01KBC Head Office Kolkata+91-741-799-0482
02KBC Head Office Mumbai+91-723-299-4082
03KBC Head Office Dehli
04KBC Hotline
KBC Official Website Contact Number | KBC Head Office Numbers

Warning: KBC Fraud Calls – KBC Lottery Scam from Pakistan

                                  Be aware! If you receive a call from an unusual number, it will inform you that you are today’s KBC Lottery Winner and that you have won the KBC Lottery of 25,00,000 INR or 35,00,000 INR. They will ask you to visit any site or online portal. Please never trust them and ignore them immediately. Many scammers are playing on the expectations of innocent people and snatching their money.

So, if you receive a call from a Pakistani number (+923******* or 0092*******) or an internet number, please hang up and notify the KBC Complaint Department for legal action. We kindly ask that you ignore such calls and messages. Always keep in mind that KBC has only one and only one KBC Helpline Number, which is 00917232994082 or 00917417990482. If there are any KBC scams or fraudulent phone calls, please get in touch with the KBC official team at these numbers.

KBC Registration 2023: Register Now for the KBC Online Lottery

We are very glad to announce that KBC Registration for Season 2023 is open now. It is a great opportunity for all KBC lovers and players to play along KBC and win huge prizes from Kaun Banega Crorepati. Now every Indian who is 18 years old till closing date for KBC registration, can register himself for KBC Lottery 2023.

The registration process for Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 2023 is very easy and simple. We have made everything super easy for our respected customers. This process is totally online from KBC Official Website. You can also register just by calling or chatting with us via WhatsApp on KBC official contact numbers i.e. 00917232994082 or 00917417990482.

So don’t waste your time because this is an open chance for you. In order to achieve your goals in life, it is necessary for you to win KBC lottery in this season. That’s why, don’t loose this opportunity and take part in KBC online lottery competition by this season. This time be you a KBC Lottery Winner of 2023.

For more details and registration via KBC helpline contact us now. We always here to serve you.


Register for KBC 2023: A Simple, Easy, and Secure Way
KBC Online Registration, Audition 2023

                         Candidates can obtain more information about KBC online registration. Now every Indian can enroll themselves in Kaun Banega Crorepati. KBC is the complete form of Kaun Banega Crorepati, India’s most popular TV show. It’s one of the best TV shows in India, and it’s always on. One of the best TV game programs in the UK served as the model for the Kaun Banega Crorepati Show. The only and foremost goal of the KBC show is to create a millionaire by giving them a chance to participate in KBC. KBC is one of the most valuable and unique shows in India. It also provides knowledge and entertainment at the same time.
                         There is an excellent opportunity to change their lifestyle, ordinary men and women; the audience and participants are to meet with our honorable host from Bollywood, the great superstar and legend Big B, Mr. Amitabh Bachan.

KBC Online Registration, Audition 2023

                       The presenters in this show create a quiz show in which the participants have relevant knowledge and information in different fields. KBC’s official and final prize money is seven crores of INR. KBC is equally famous among men and women. This test usually takes place in big cities; everyone can participate in this show.

Structure of the Kaun Banega Crorepati Show 2023

  1. KBC, like many others, is a popular quiz show.
  2. The host will continue with the various topic questions at various authority levels.
  3. For each accurate response, the prize money will gradually increase. to take part.
  4. You can offer a lifeline if the person has trouble responding to a question.
  5. More correctly answered questions will increase your chance of earning a respectable sum.
  6. A participant may select one of several lifelines while responding.
  7. After using all their lifelines, a player can leave the program at any time.
  8. Similar to that, new features are being added.

Eligibility Criteria for the KBC India Lottery

  1. There is no requirement for any further specific academic credentials to apply for KBC.
  2. The candidate must be at least
  3. This program is exclusively available to Indian citizens.
  4. You can only join if you have one official government identity proof.
  5. Only one legitimate address is required as evidence for KBC.
  6. The rules and regulations of the games must be followed and respected by participants.
  7. To protect the privacy of the winners, their information is not disclosed to any unauthorized parties.

KBC Lottery Season 2023 Documents Required:

  1. Participants need a total of four recent passport-sized photographs (colored).
  2. For name verification, candidates must present the following documents: a Pancard, birth certificate, passport, voter ID, driver’s license, Aadhar card, and so on.
  3. A landline or electric bill, a passport, a voter ID, a driver’s license, an UID, an Adhar card, or a ration card can all be used as address proof.
  4. As a matter of fact, we use these documents to confirm your citizenship.

KBC Lottery Winner 2023 List- KBC Official Website Lottery Winner

If you are looking for KBC Lottery Winner 2023 list then be happy because the official list of KBC lucky winner for 2023 has been published by Kaun Banega Crorepati official team. It is a complete and computerized list of Kaun Banega Crorepati lucky winners. It contains the name, phone number, lucky number and prize amount of every KBC winner.

To check KBC lottery winner list, visit KBC official website. Find your name in the updated list. If your name is in the list then congratulation because you are a official KBC winner. To get your lottery contact our official team or KBC Lottery Department now. But if your name is not latest winner list then don’t worry at because your name may be in upcoming list.

Don’t worry at all, if you don’t find your name in KBC Lottery Winner list then you should contact KBC Lottery Department to include your name in KBC winners list. Keep yourself always ready to be a winner of Kaun Banega Crorepati Lottery. Never give-up and try again and again untill you become a Crorepati by winner KBC lottery prize. Best of luck for all KBC participants and winners.


Basic Guidelines for the KBC Lottery Winners of 2023

                          Hey, Don’t worry about the KBC lottery at all. Our simple instructions given to the KBC lottery winners are self-explanatory and simplified. At the end, who has yet to win $25,000 from KBC? But suppose you are still doubtful about the KBC lottery and unsatisfied with the Kaun Banega Crorepati lottery. In that case, even if you have never won the KBC Lottery, you can check and confirm your name on the list of lucky winners in various ways. For security and privacy reasons, you should abide by these simple tips while checking to see whether you have won the KBC Lottery Prize.

  1. First, pick up the phone and dial the official KBC Helpline or KBC Head Office to inquire about your KBC Lottery prize.
  2. To confirm your lottery, you must have your unique KBC lottery number. To get your KBC lottery number, follow the procedure given below. During this process, You will receive assistance in the following clear and straightforward manner.

Get KBC Lottery 2023 – Collect Your KBC Lottery online – KBC Official Website

  • First of all, you can submit a request to the KBC team to collect any information about your KBC lottery or lottery ticket number.
  • Always be aware! And keep your KBC lottery information secret for privacy and safety reasons.
  • Aside from that, if you show off your KBC prize, then we (the Kaun Banega Crorepati team or KBC head office representatives) will not be liable for any loss of your KBC lottery or lottery amount.
  • If you advertise your KBC lottery, it may create many threats for you and your loved ones.
  • We have to inform and warn you of all possible threats, and now it is up to you to be alert for KBC scams and fake lottery calls from KBC scammers.
  • To keep yourself updated on KBC’s latest updates, always visit the KBC official website; also, follow the super-easy instructions given on the KBC official website to keep yourself safe and secure from any KBC scam.

Kaun Banega Crorepati 2023: Play Along with KBC Season 2023

                 Kaun Bange Crorepati, also known as KBC, is India’s top-rated lottery game show, enjoying immense popularity. This show (Kaun Banega Crorepati) is now reaching the peak of its popularity. It is universally popular among all societies and communities in India.

Kaun Banega Crorepati has fastened its deep roots in the hearts of the Indian people and those of its neighboring countries. Nowadays, everyone considers the KBC a ray of new and charming life for people living below the poverty line. Hence, everyone has become a fan of the KBC Game Show.


Kaun Banega Crorepati Official Website – Everything about KBC at one place

                            To protect our respected and lovely customers, the KBC official team has established an official website for KBC. You can visit by reaching this URL: www.kbcofficialsite.com. Everyone should remember that it is the only official website of the KBC Lottery. You can visit to check and confirm your KBC lottery online, your KBC lottery number, the KBC lottery winners list, KBC head office details, KBC official helpline WhatsApp numbers, and the KBC lucky winners list. The KBC team has given you a secure and safe way to play with KBC and win many prizes.

Official Website of KBC A Trusted for Lottery KBC Winners

Unfortunately, due to the high popularity of KBC, most people in Pakistan are mostly doing scams. For this purpose, they are utilizing the name and trademark of KBC to snatch money from innocent Indians. In the current horrible situation, the KBC Official Website is the only complete and trusted online platform to obtain any information about the KBC lottery game show. There is no other website, online portal, or blog associated with KBC besides www.kbcofficialsite.com. So always visit the official website of the KBC. To ensure the security of KBC winners, KBC is also taking essential steps against such so-called people. We are trying to provide every winner with a secure and safe environment to play along with KBC.

Win A Huge KBC Prize from KBC Lottery Season 2023

                     Any person who believes they can win the great KBC game show must participate in the upcoming KBC season. One thing that should be remembered is that the people who won the KBC game show are not extraordinarily intelligent; they are also ordinary people, just like every other person. But they have the zeal to win the KBC. You can also nominate yourself as a KBC winner easily and quickly. To do so, answer the daily quiz questions about Kaun Banega Crorepati. To increase your chances of winning the KBC lottery, you must upgrade your IQ and general knowledge levels.

                    The KBC Official Team also works to raise awareness among its users about the importance of improving their IQ levels via social media and digital media platforms. One should also read the newspaper to increase knowledge about current affairs. We recommend that you put forth your best efforts and be prepared to have your name added to the KBC Lottery Winners List 2023.

KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw: KBC Online Lottery Competition

Most people nowadays are looking for a simple way to register for the KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw or the KBC Online Lottery Competition. There is good news for such people because KBC has made its online lottery process easy and straightforward. The KBC online lottery registration process is very easy to follow. Simply recharge your SIM card to enter the KBC online lottery competition. The more you recharge, the more entries you will receive in the KBC online lottery competition. The maximum number of entries will increase your chance of winning the KBC lottery.

                       If you are unsure, you can contact the official KBC head office teams and the KBC Customer Care team. Our team will guide you step by step to confirm your success. Our official Kaun Banega Crorepati team is live 24/7 to serve you. So make WhatsApp calls or direct calls to these KBC official website numbers: 00917417990482 for live support. You can reach us through our WhatsApp number, 00917417990482, for a live WhatsApp chat.

Official Website of the KBC: 25 Lakh Lottery 2023

                       Hurrah! For all KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) viewers, great news! As a result of KBC’s connections to all Indian SIM card providers, you are no longer required to register to participate. Additionally, the KBC Lucky Draw 2023 may include your SIM card, making you the season’s lucky winner. So maintain your connection with KBC (the KBC Helpline) while being cautious of phony lottery calls and SMS.
                      KBC has established a brand new lottery information center. Both the KBC lottery winner in 2023 and all future KBC customers will benefit from it. Additionally, you can use it to check your lottery online and avoid scam calls. Call the lottery information center to learn how to check the lottery online if you’re unsure how to do so.

KBC Lottery Scam Calls: KBC Lottery Winner Scams

                 Please verify whether any calls you receive regarding the KBC lottery are legitimate before answering. To alert you, information on various forms of fraud being committed by people using the KBC name is available on the official KBC website. People receive many bogus calls these days, so if you receive any calls or lottery numbers, please contact our main head office number immediately.

Massive KBC Prizes! #PlayAlongKBC is just for you.

                     We are now giving away a large sum as a KBC lottery prize to our lucky winners of KBC season 2023, as KBC aims to eradicate poverty in our dearest motherland, India. Keeping this aim in mind, we are trying our best to serve financially weak people. Keep in mind that Kaun Banega Crorepati is a ground-based lottery game show aired by Sony TV.

This show has no scams at any stage of the show. But due to the high popularity and ranking of the Kaun Banega Crorepati lottery game show, many so-called people, especially from Pakistan, are committing fraud by using the identity of KBC and the KBC trademark. As the customer’s privacy and safety are our priorities, we are trying our best to make the security and safety of KBC customers gap-free.

A Short Synopsis of the Kaun Banega Crorepati Show: A Millionaire Show

                           The reality show was started in 2000 by Star Plus. It was first aired by Star Plus and then by Sony TV. In this TV show, a participant can win up to 7 crore Indian rupees by playing with Kaun Banega Crorepati. There is a set of general knowledge questions, which are asked by the host one by one. For each question, four options are given to the contestant. From these given options, the candidate has to choose the correct answer. If you face any difficulty, you can use the given lifeline options. You can ask your friends and family members too.

The Kaun Banega Crorepati Lottery is now available at your doorstep.

                   We are glad to announce that KBC has added many features to the upcoming seasons of Kaun Banega Crorepati. So now KBC has made its structure fully flexible to give every Indian a chance to win KBC. So now you can join Kaun Banega Crorepati very smoothly.
                    Dear customer, this is an excellent opportunity to realize your dreams of a prosperous life. So don’t waste any time. Register in KBC and compete to be a lucky winner in Season 2023.You should always be ready because you may be the next lucky winner of Kaun Banega Crorepati. You can enroll for KBC Season 2023 by contacting us on our official WhatsApp numbers.

Get the KBC Android App | IOS App

                     KBC’s official app was launched for customer services, online lottery withdrawal, winner lists, a 24/7 helpline, and pre-booking of KBC shows. The KC lottery winner is updated with any information and gets online with the exciting features of the KBC company like bank transfers, debit/credit card withdrawals, and internet banking withdrawal systems. The first all-in-one app in India
                     KBC has launched a customer information website as well as a 24-hour helpline. In addition, KBC updated India’s first 24/7 WhatsApp helpline and provided much more information. KBC’s official website is www.kbcofficialsite.com. The only reason for launching the KBC Official App is to provide remote access to Play Along KBC.The KBC website is a valuable resource for learning about KBC.

Join Kaun Banega Crorepati’s KBC Lottery Winner Season 2023

                    The joining process for Kaun Banega Crorepati is now very easy and simple. You can join the KBC lottery program just by calling us on our official WhatsApp numbers or direct calling numbers. We are here to welcome you to KBC Season 2023. So come and join to win huge prizes from KBC. Call our KBC Customer Care officers, who will guide you at every step.

What is the official website of KBC?

As time passes, several fake websites circulate on the internet, which scammers use to mislead unsuspecting people. So every KBC lover must know about the current situation. For this purpose, only visit the official website of the KBC. The KBC and the Government of India authorize it. Therefore, one should follow the instructions available on the KBC website for his or her safety.
Address of KBC’s official website
                        You can access KBC’s sole official website at kbcofficialsite.com or This time, you’ve come to the right place.The official entrance for KBC lottery updates and news is located here. Here you can check the KBC lottery winner list for 2022, do KBC lottery online checks, and get official KBC head office numbers for live calling and chat support from the Kaun Banega Crorepati team.
           So here is peace of mind for you. Now you can get the official KBC Head Office Number, i.e., the KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number for Mumbai and Kolkata, from this authentic website of KBC. Please see the link provided below to obtain KBC’s authorized contact number.
KBC Head Office Number


It is a golden opportunity for you to play alongside KBC and win up to Rs. 7 crore. So register now to become a KBC Lucky Winner and change your life.
To register, click here and then follow the instructions for the KBC registration. For this purpose, fill out the registration form given above or click below:
Register Now!


If you want to contact the Kaun Banega Crorepati official team, make a direct call or voice call on the KBC contact numbers listed on this website.
KBC Head Office Number: Kolkata: 00917417990482.
KBC Head Office Number: Mumbai: 00917232994082


Rana Partab Singh is currently serving as KBC Lottery Manager at KBC. He is a very reformed and honest individual. He has been with KBC for ten years. Be aware that there is a lot of fraud in the name of KBC and Rana Partab Singh. KBC Rana Partab Singh’s contact number for direct and WhatsApp calling 00917232994082  KBC Rana Pratap Singh


                   In KBC Season 13, Kaun Banega Crorepati got its second crorepati, Sahil Ahirwar, from Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur. He is 19 years old. He won 1 crore by answering a question based on the Sanskrit language. However, when the 7 crore jackpot question related to biology was asked, he was unsure of the correct answer, so he quit the quiz. The following was crorepati’s short story from KBC Season 13.


Are you a victim of KBC fraud or receiving fake KBC lottery calls? Then submit a KBC fraud complaint without wasting any time. To submit a KBC complaint, just click the button below and fill out the form with the required details. Click here to submit a complaint now: Submit your KBC complaint now!

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