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What is an official website of KBC?

What is an Official Website of KBC India?

This is a very common question nowadays. Everyone is looking for the official website of KBC India because there is a lot of fake and scam website in the name of the KBC Game Show. This is very important for every KBC Lover to visit only KBC official website because these scams and fake websites are from scammers.

But no need to be worried about KBC scams because now you are in a safe and secure place. This is the only and only official website of KBC for KBC lovers. So check your KBC lottery winners lists, KBC lucky draw results, KBC lucky draw winner lists, and KBC Jio winners lists from only this KBC Official Website to avoid scammers.

official website of kbc
KBC official website

KBC 2022- KBC Official Website

We heartily welcome every KBC Player on the KBC Official Website. KBC Team has launched this Official portal to serve KBC lovers and KBC winners safely as we always care about you. Here we provide KBC Lottery Winners List for monthly and daily winners. Here you will get KBC Lucky Draw details too. Just keep visiting us.

KBC Official Website 25 Lakh Lottery Lucky Draw Prize Winners List 2022

Kaun Banega crorepati has launched its official website. On this, Kbc official website, you can check your lottery number online to Avoid Fraud and all kinds of KBC scams, register online for KBC, check the KBC lottery winners list official.

The KBC official website is an authentic source of pieces of information for all KBC lovers and winners. It is also a useful way to learn more about the Kaun Banega Crorepati show and take part in it. Moreover, The KBC website is also a great source of knowledge and entertainment. Regardless of the reason for visiting the official website of KBC, it is worth your time. Moreover, KBC is one of the best and most amazing television shows of its kind, in India. The website even provides the latest news and updates on the KBC, KBC lottery winner lists, and many more.

Before registering for KBC, make sure you meet all eligibility criteria. You must be a resident of India with having sound mind aged 18 years or above. At the time of receiving your KBC lottery amount in your bank account, you are required to display proof of your Indian citizenship. However, this website also gives you details about the rules and regulations of the KBC lottery Show. Also, here you can see the latest lists of KBC WhatsApp lottery winners and KBC JIO lottery winners.

How to check KBC Lottery Online? | From official website of KBC

Attention! Do you receive WhatsApp Calls or messages from KBC but your name is not included in the KBC lottery winners list? Now, You are willing to check whether your lottery is real or fake. So, don’t worry, now we have launched an official portal to check the KBC lottery online. You can check your KBC lottery online from here without any scam. To check the KBC lottery online please click on the button given below:

Do you receive KBC Fake Call & Fake Messages?

Dear Visitors, If you receive a call from an unknown number or person informing you that you are the KBC lucky winner and you have won the prize of ₹25 lakh rupees, ask you to visit any website related to Kaun Banega Crorepati. You are strictly advised, please ignore that message all the time. This is only for your safety and prosperity.

Further, if anyone receives calls or messages through WhatsApp or direct calling from Pakistani numbers like 00923 or +923, these must be ignored because they are scammers. Be aware, KBC has only a few helplines to serve its customers. Our Staff at the KBC is trying their best to stop these fake calls and Save Indians from those schemes.

KBC fraud alert

The 4 Warning Signs Of KBC Fraud:

  1. Be careful form KBC fake calls because KBC does not call any winner (especially on WhatsApp) or any other social channel.
  2. Fraudsters will call on your WhatsApp and tell you that you are a winner of ₹25 lakh rupees and ask you to deposit some money to cash your lottery.
  3. Cheater may calls you on your direct number or WhatsApp number.
  4. The fraudulent WhatsApp number starts with +923 or 00923 are scammer’s numbers.

How to save yourself from KBC fraud?

Seeing the popularity of KBC, some so-called people of Pakistan cheat on a large scale with the people of India. They are using the identity of the KBC Game Show to fool innocent people of India. The website of KBC is a comprehensive platform for obtaining any information related to the KBC game show. We have no separate blog or website. Every KBC lover knows that we have only one website.

First of all, Check the name of the website; if its name starts with KBC, that website is 100% fake. Because KBC is an abbreviation, not a real name. The real name is Kaun Banega Crorepati. So, All the other domain names and websites are fake. Would you please pay attention to them? Save yourself from KBC fraud and save others too.

How to Submit KBC Complaint online at KBC official website to get back your lost money?

  1. Beware of fake KBC messages and calls in 2022. Last month, KBC complaints management team received 3k+ complaints. There are many fake websites using the identiity of KBC on google, bing, and they are using thr name of KBC.
  2. If you pay a fraudster, don’t waste your time and call on the KBC helpline number and ask the KBC officer to register a complaint on your behalf, he/she will get some information from you to make sure that your are trustworthy. You may get your money back if you contact us immediately without wasting any time.
  3. Be awre. If you harass a KBC officer by repeatedly calling and not sharing your details with the representative, we will reject your Complaint and will not be act upon your request..
  4. Ourhelpline service is available 24/7 to serve our respected customers.To submit KBC Complaint click here

Simple Guidelines for KBC Lottery Winner to collect Lottery!

  1. First of all collect info about lttery number from KBC official website. Now you can collect any info related to your number from official website of KBC.
  2. Don’t share your lottery info with anyone and Keep your prize info with you for safety causes. Then, you can call us for more details about lottery money.
  3. Be careful, we will not responsible in case you promote your lottery, the corporate won’t assist you as anybody should buy a duplicate number and harm your loved ones.
  4. It us responsibility of KBC is to tell you of all possible dangers, and it’s your responsibility to be alert for KBC’s fake calls.Please follow instruction to make sure that you and your love one’s are safe. Thank you.

For the safety and convinience of our customers, KBC has established a brand new info helpline center. It will assist you in all KBC prospects in the future and also for the KBC Lottery game 2022. Now you can test your lottery online and stay safe from fake calls (Your protection is our priority). If you have no idea how to check the lottery, call the lottery info center and get your lottery number, and test online by yourself.

kbc official website app

KBC lottery winners 2022 list 25 lakh or 35 lakh | February 2022

#KBC Lottery Winners 2022 List:Amount:Lottery Number:Registered Numbers:
1.Mr. Anurag Kapoor25,00,00022468671******029
2.Ms. Mansi Sinha25,00,0007788231******156
3.Mr. Jadhav35,00,0003434421******907
4.Mr. Suryakumar25,00,0008991548******821
5.Ms. Priya Kumar25,00,0000077181******290
6.Mr. Gurdeep Singh55,00,0001991789******321
7.Ms. Hina Patel35,00,0005511632******091
8.Mr. Yuvraj35,00,0000150700******738
9.Ms. Divya Ishani25,00,0007711660******011
10.Mr. Mohammad Amir Hamza25,00,0007744986******503
11.Mr. Ayush25,00,0000099356******800
KBC lottery winner list 25 lakh or 35 lakh for month of February

KBC Lottery Number Check 2022 Process:

we have launched a new system to check your lottery number online. KBC Lottery Number Check 2022 is a process to check KBC Lucky Draw 2022 results online. For more information go to KBC Official Website or can contact on KBC Head Office Whatsapp Number (00917417990482).

What is KBC Lottery Winners 2021?

In the live show of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 13, Mr. Amitabh Bachan announced the beginning of the KBC Lottery. In this KBC Lottery Winners 2022, all KBC users can participate in the KBC Lottery Winner 2022 by sending a Single SMS from their phone to KBC Head Office 2022. 

After sending the message, your will receive KBC Lottery Number. Wait for a few days for the upcoming KBC Lottery Lucky Draw. When the lucky draw is held you can check your name and lottery number in the KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List Whatsapp. From this lucky draw contest, KBC users can win up to 25 Lakhs Indian rupees.

How to participate in KBC Lottery Winners 2022?

KBC Lottery Winners 2022 is becoming very popular among the people of India. Everyone wants to participate in the KBC Lottery. The process to participate in the KBC Lottery Winners 2022 is:

  1. The First Step is to dial KBC Head Office Number (00917417990482) on your mobile phone.
  2. The Second Step is to follow the instruction of the KBC Lottery Head Office Supervisor.
  3. The Third Step is to register yourself by paying KBC Lottery Ticket Fee and get your Lottery Ticket Number.
  4. The Fourth Step is to wait for upcoming KBC Lottery Lucky Draw on every week of month.
  5. The Fifth Step is to find your name in the KBC Lottery Winners 2022 25 Lakh List.

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